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Totum Studio
Totum - from total or whole
Total design is a concept of combining creative fields to produce many products/services under one vision. We started this studio in order to help promote young, independent and overlooked artists, we are a non-profit organization with any profits made going back into keeping new and exciting projects running.

Totum Magazine -  A quarterly (winter, spring, summer, autumn) magazine looking to shed light on young, independent and free thinking creatives - people doing something differently, working sustainably and thinking independently. We are always looking to collaborate, so please message us if you would like to work with us, to promote your story, product, service or artwork or are looking to give guidance for us or any of our readers / contributors.

Totum Exhibitions - We are hosting art, design and creative exhibitions through summer in London. We will be working with some of the great creatives you've gotten to know in our magazines, as well as new ones.
Totum Education - Currently working with the London Met Textile Design BA and Westminster Architecture BA to give lectures, crits and run a module. We will also offer more classes, talks, exhibitions and competitions in the coming year.

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Curiosity killed the cat; but we are human
-Holman Jubs

Contact us with any ideas, recommendations or if you would like to feature / have someone we should get in contact with. Our details are below, we look forward to hearing from you.